Some who serve…

‘Ministry’ at New Prestwick Baptist Church is not the sole responsibility of our Pastor and Deacons. Each and every church member is called by God to serve one another, our community, and the world. Whilst we exercise different functions, ( in accordance with the Bible, the Holy Spirit’s gifting and our natural talents ), we are all called to serve the Lord.

Pastor – Teacher

Kenneth Ross serves our congregation as Pastor and Teacher, one of the ministries given by God to the church, and listed in Ephesians 4.

  • As Pastor, he seeks to care for the spiritual well-being of our members and adherents, through visitation and conversation.
  • As Teacher, he preaches God’s Word, the Bible, in a systematic way, seeking not only to explain what it means, but how it applies to our lives.


New Prestwick Baptist Church is served by a number of Deacons. Deacons are men who have been recognised by the Church Members as fulfilling the requirements for this office as detailed in 1 Timothy 3.

Our present Diaconate consists of:

  • Paul Algeo
  • Arnold Clements (Church Secretary)
  • Tom Faulds
  • David Nash

Our Treasurer, Yvonne Baulk, is a Trustee and supports the work of our Church as part of our Leadership.